Sunday, March 3, 2013

Voice Lessons in Salt Lake City

Being a singer in Utah is very fun. I'm always finding music in Salt Lake City that is very fun and different. I first moved to Salt Lake when I turned 18 years. I was going to college at the University of Utah but loved singing in Utah as a hobby. I grew up taking voice lessons in my hometown and was looking for voice coaches once I came to Salt Lake. I searched for Voice lessons in Salt Lake City and finally came across The Performer Studio.

Steps on Finding a GREAT vocal coach in Salt Lake City, Utah
  1. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ You goals as a singer
  2. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ Your goals as a performer
  3. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ The budget you can spend
  4. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ Genre you want to work on
  5. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ Now Contact The Performer Studio

Voice Lessons in Salt Lake City can vary across a wide range of musical genres. And voice teachers in Salt Lake City can vary from the very (almost too) expensive to the more affordable but with a teacher who doesn't really "get" you. I am so happy that I found The Performer Studio and Kait Kingston as my voice teacher because with her, I can work on every genre you can think of (Broadway, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Blues, R&B, Hip hop and more), it was/is within my budget range and she really "gets" me. I’m beyond happy I am able to work with The Performer Studio because they offer me training AND performance opportunities with the company throughout the year around the Salt Lake City area.

The Performer Studio offers a HUGE Tribute show at the beginning of each summer. They’ve done Tributes to Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Sheryl Crow and this year it will be to themusic of the 90s! One way to get involved with this kind of performance opportunity in Salt Lake City is contacting The Performer Studio and auditioning for a spot as a lead singer. Kait is the director of these awesome shows and she is SO easy to audition for. She really makes you feel safe and comfortable and even helps coach you through the audition so that even you are thrilled with your performance. She is honest about when a singer is ready to perform and what kind of song they are ready to take on. Her guidance with song choice is amazing. I always know that she will help me choose the perfect song for my voice and personality, that she will coach me and help me make the performance awesome and something I'm totally proud of and that she will be 100% honest with me about what I do best and what I need to work on. Then she directs you in these awesome concerts which are totally professional and super seriously fun. She keeps it real which is one of the most important qualities I think in finding a great voice teacher. She knows her stuff and has amazing vocal technique to help you get the voice you want but she is such an approachable, honest, positive individual that it just brings my greatness out of me. So, there are shows with The Performer Studio but not only are Kait's students invited to be involved with performances with her company, but she and the other staff at TPS keep you informed about other singing opportunities and contests in Salt Lake City (Coffee Shops, Farmers Market, etc.).

My main goal in finding a voice coach was to find someone that didn't  just teach to children. I wanted a voice coach that that taught high school, college students, and older. Don’t get me wrong I love children but it’s nice to be around singers that are your own age and love singing as much as I do. And it's great to be able to find like minded individuals who share my passion for performing and who are so supportive and fun to be around. 

Once I started lessons with Kait I learned where my weaknesses were in my voice and then determined what my goals were. Kait works with me every week to help me achieve those goals by giving me weekly warm ups to do at home and songs to work on that I would love to do. And when I find a song where, say, my voice wasn’t quite ready for those big high notes, we worked on the songs that I wanted to do so badly and after just a few weeks, my voice was ready for those notes! I’m so glad I searched voice lessons Salt Lake City and found Kait!

I think one thing that is very unique about The Performer Studio is they have a Salt Lake City recording studio to record your songs. If you’re a singer/songwriter and would like to record your music and create a CD then this is the place to come! Or if you’re a singer/songwriter in Utah and having trouble with certain parts of your song, Kait Kingston will help you hit those trouble spots and then master your new abilities.  

One thing I love about singing in Salt Lake City UT is that the atmosphere is very welcoming. People enjoy going to the local coffee shops, farmers market, and more to listen to  local music in Salt Lake City, and now I have the voice and the confidence on stage to go out and be a part of it all!

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