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Voice Lessons Salt Lake City

Looking for a ​Voice Coach in Salt Lake City? 
AKA Singing Lessons Salt Lake City and Voice Lessons Salt Lake City


Kait Kingston, lead Voice Coach at The Performer Studio, (www.theperformerstudio.com) works with students who have a natural talent they wish to develop, are positively dedicated and ready to grow as singing performers. Lessons focus on a variety of subject matter. Vocal techniques are focused on helping the singer gain strength, become more vocally and artistically flexible, have a larger range and a limitless capacity for dynamics and vocal choices. Kait spent her post graduate years training with top Los Angeles vocal and performance coaches who enabled her to realize vocal freedom. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate singer or a seasoned pro, choosing a vocal coach with vision, high standards, honesty and capability is key to your progress as a singer. Finding a coach who is a good fit for your personality is also crucial to a student's success in training. Kait creates a nurturing environment that fosters motivation, fun, discipline and honesty.

Kait fosters self confidence in her lessons & courses to help students discover what their voice can do. Initial work is spent on understanding the voice as an instrument, it's anatomy and health. Students will learn breath control through a unique and proven technique that combines Pilates and yoga style exercises that build the muscles involved in supporting the voice *(a nice side-benefit is that because of the attention to developing healthy long and strong abdominal muscles, students tend to have fewer  back problems, increased self-confidence & super sexy abs!) Primary focus is to build vocal stamina and strength. Exercises are also explored that help the singer broaden the spectrum of vocal colors, increase range and fine-tune their tonal placement (be on pitch!). Basic music vocabulary is also taught to enhance the the student's understanding of HOW their instrument is working. *Each private lesson is a professioinal hour or 50 minutes. The rate is $50 per single lesson (shorter lesson times may be suggested for students under the age of 10 depending on their attention span once lessons begin). Kait also offers a discounted hourly rate of $180 for 4 lessons to students to choose to study weekly. We have some of the most affordable singing lesson rates in Salt Lake City.

View our TPS website at www.theperformerstudio.com 
        *(Students must attend lessons every week to qualify for this discount).

Example of a lesson with Kait:
  •    Warm-up the voice.
  •    Sing a song the student wants help with or is preparing for a concert.
  •    Identify the"trouble spots" in the song.
  •    Explore new vocal techniques that help the student find their way through these "trouble spots" with more ease, understanding and consistent confidence.
  •    Sing through song again and directly apply new technique.
  •    Review the OLD way of singing the "trouble spot" and then go back to the NEW way so student can see
         how they need to re-think their approach.
  •    Assign homework for following week.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

*NEW - "Vocal Tip Tuesday!"


Getting Ready To Sing A Song For A Big Performance!

As a singer who performs, getting ready for a big performance is a big deal. There are many factors of the performance itself that you have to consider when you accept the performance opportunity. Below are 2 of the TOP 7 things you should consider when gearing up to rehearse a song for a big performance. This is the first in a series of 4 blogs on the subject of preparing for a vocal performance. I will present you with more great tips in the coming weeks, so…stay tuned! If you need help preparing or would like to get more information sooner, please feel free to book a lesson at The PerformerStudio. I’d love to help you learn the secrets you need to get ready to “knock ‘em dead!”

1.    WHEN is the performance going to happen?
2.    WHERE is the performance going to take place?

Mostly, the BIG question to ask yourself before accepting an opportunity to perform you need to know how much time do you have to prepare the song.  But more than that, how much time do you realistically have to prepare the song. And not just that, but how much time do you have to prepare it WELL? My father once said to me, “Never hang a bad painting on your wall.” Meaning, don’t display your work when it’s not you at your best. Will you have time to rehearse the song on several different days before you perform it? Studies show that when a singer can visit the lyrics of their song in a focused way on several different days, the lyrics are 10 times more likely to stay in their head come time for performance. Be sure that you look carefully at your calendar and actually SCHEDULE TIMES TO REHEARSE, even if it’s just you working by yourself. MAKE TIME for concentrated, focused rehearsal and then you can ensure not just a better performance, but one in which you’ll feel more confident and that audience members will remember for quite some time because what you did had such a positive impact on them when they watched you perform! I love having voice lessons in Salt Lake City

Know Your Venue! Whenever possible, go to the actual venue in which you will be performing. Ask around when you are there. Try to find out if there is a time when you can get onto the actual stage area to work on your movement, focus points, gestures and get a sense of the size of the venue and the audience? Ask if there is some kind of a dressing room space for performers to be before they go onstage. Basically, get as familiar as you can with the space in which you will be showing your best “you” possible. The more comfortable you are in your surroundings, the more at ease you will feel. You don’t want any surprises at the last minute. Also, how long does it take you to get to the venue? This helps ensure that you allow enough travel time to arrive at the performance with plenty of time to relax, find the restroom, do a short warm-up and get your bearings on the day of the show. 

*Remember to STAY TUNED for next week's "Vocal Tip Tuesday" for a continuation of "Getting Ready To Sing A Song For A Big Performance!".

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't Choke: 5 Tips on Performing Live

Don’t Choke: Tips on Performing Live:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice:  The best way to avoid messing up under pressure is to practice until you can do it in your sleep.  That way even if you feel nervous and think about messing up you won’t because it is engrained in your memory.   Make sure to include your vocal exercises to strengthen your voice before every practice, which takes time.  Practice in front of a friend or family member to build up your confidence; even practicing under low to moderate levels of stress will prevent from choking.  Another great way to prepare is to listen to feedback from friends and from your vocal coach.
  2. Remember to Have Fun and Show It:  That is the most important performance tip, is to have fun. I know it is nerve racking to sing in front of an audience but remember why you are doing it in the first place. You are doing it because you enjoy it, right? Well, then show the audience what you love to do and put some soul into it. Perform with all the energy you've got and don’t forget to smile! Just in case you do miss a word or mess up a little, remember not to stop or get mad, just continue on and smile. If you play it off like nothing happened some people will never know. 
  3. Get Away:  Before your performance take a break from the nerves and stress of performing; do something that will help you relax, take a hot bath, get a coffee with a friend, watch a favorite or a favorite TV show.  This will help to revamp and stay focused without losing focus. 
  4. Don’t Forget to Rest your Voice:  The most important tip is to practice, practice, practice but when getting ready for a vocal performance or a recording session, you don't want to lose your voice. On the day you perform, do not forget to rest, try not to talk very much (never yell).  Picture it like you only have a certain amount of 'voice money' in the bank and you don't want to use it up on the day of the performance or recording session.  It is also beneficial to drink hot tea and stay away from dairy, chocolate and caffeine the day of.  Never do a 'belt voice' workout on the day of either.  When taking voice lessons the coach will help your voice become stronger overtime, it is not good to overexert.  A strong voice takes time. 
  5. Be Positive:  Make sure and keep a positive attitude, instead of thinking the fear of messing up, visualize yourself doing the whole performance perfectly several times. Also, focus positive energy towards your performance and encourage yourself that you will nail it; say things like, “This will be an awesome performance” and “I am a great performer”.  Concentrate and focus all your energy towards a great success! 

Get quality and proven vocal technique and practice with professional voice lessons in Salt Lake City, Utah at The Performer Studio www.theperformerstudio.com or call 801-513-9780

Voice Lessons in Salt Lake City

Being a singer in Utah is very fun. I'm always finding music in Salt Lake City that is very fun and different. I first moved to Salt Lake when I turned 18 years. I was going to college at the University of Utah but loved singing in Utah as a hobby. I grew up taking voice lessons in my hometown and was looking for voice coaches once I came to Salt Lake. I searched for Voice lessons in Salt Lake City and finally came across The Performer Studio.

Steps on Finding a GREAT vocal coach in Salt Lake City, Utah
  1. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ You goals as a singer
  2. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ Your goals as a performer
  3. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ The budget you can spend
  4. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ Genre you want to work on
  5. Voice lessons Salt Lake City ~ Now Contact The Performer Studio

Voice Lessons in Salt Lake City can vary across a wide range of musical genres. And voice teachers in Salt Lake City can vary from the very (almost too) expensive to the more affordable but with a teacher who doesn't really "get" you. I am so happy that I found The Performer Studio and Kait Kingston as my voice teacher because with her, I can work on every genre you can think of (Broadway, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Blues, R&B, Hip hop and more), it was/is within my budget range and she really "gets" me. I’m beyond happy I am able to work with The Performer Studio because they offer me training AND performance opportunities with the company throughout the year around the Salt Lake City area.

The Performer Studio offers a HUGE Tribute show at the beginning of each summer. They’ve done Tributes to Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Sheryl Crow and this year it will be to themusic of the 90s! One way to get involved with this kind of performance opportunity in Salt Lake City is contacting The Performer Studio and auditioning for a spot as a lead singer. Kait is the director of these awesome shows and she is SO easy to audition for. She really makes you feel safe and comfortable and even helps coach you through the audition so that even you are thrilled with your performance. She is honest about when a singer is ready to perform and what kind of song they are ready to take on. Her guidance with song choice is amazing. I always know that she will help me choose the perfect song for my voice and personality, that she will coach me and help me make the performance awesome and something I'm totally proud of and that she will be 100% honest with me about what I do best and what I need to work on. Then she directs you in these awesome concerts which are totally professional and super seriously fun. She keeps it real which is one of the most important qualities I think in finding a great voice teacher. She knows her stuff and has amazing vocal technique to help you get the voice you want but she is such an approachable, honest, positive individual that it just brings my greatness out of me. So, there are shows with The Performer Studio but not only are Kait's students invited to be involved with performances with her company, but she and the other staff at TPS keep you informed about other singing opportunities and contests in Salt Lake City (Coffee Shops, Farmers Market, etc.).

My main goal in finding a voice coach was to find someone that didn't  just teach to children. I wanted a voice coach that that taught high school, college students, and older. Don’t get me wrong I love children but it’s nice to be around singers that are your own age and love singing as much as I do. And it's great to be able to find like minded individuals who share my passion for performing and who are so supportive and fun to be around. 

Once I started lessons with Kait I learned where my weaknesses were in my voice and then determined what my goals were. Kait works with me every week to help me achieve those goals by giving me weekly warm ups to do at home and songs to work on that I would love to do. And when I find a song where, say, my voice wasn’t quite ready for those big high notes, we worked on the songs that I wanted to do so badly and after just a few weeks, my voice was ready for those notes! I’m so glad I searched voice lessons Salt Lake City and found Kait!

I think one thing that is very unique about The Performer Studio is they have a Salt Lake City recording studio to record your songs. If you’re a singer/songwriter and would like to record your music and create a CD then this is the place to come! Or if you’re a singer/songwriter in Utah and having trouble with certain parts of your song, Kait Kingston will help you hit those trouble spots and then master your new abilities.  

One thing I love about singing in Salt Lake City UT is that the atmosphere is very welcoming. People enjoy going to the local coffee shops, farmers market, and more to listen to  local music in Salt Lake City, and now I have the voice and the confidence on stage to go out and be a part of it all!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Singing Lessons In Salt Lake
Professional Singing Lessons In Salt Lake
Taking singing lessons in Utah is the surest way to improve your singing.

Some people believe that singers are born not made. Like with anything else in life the things we are born with will only take us so far, investment and effort is what will set us apart from other singers. Several professional vocalists have had singing lessons to help improve their abilities. Singing is comparable to skills involved in sports like baseball or football and in singing, like these sports, the best teams have the best coaches.

If the desire to become a great singer is burning inside of you then take the first step and look for singing lessons in Utah. You will without a doubt be more satisfied with your performances after spending time working with a singing coach. Coaches will help with every element of your performance and give you the tools needed to increase your chances of success.
Singing is about unique individuals and sometimes pinpointing what it is that makes the individual unique can be difficult. The surest way to locate what it is that makes you unique is by working with a singing coach. A good singing coach will have prior knowledge and expertise to use in helping you figure out exactly what it is that makes you unique. After this identification is made the singing coach will use their skills to push you in certain areas to fine tune or perfect this uniqueness. In the end this is what will distinguish you from the rest.

During this discovery period in your singing career it is important to be surround by a supportive and fun environment. Singers must also be great entertainers. With the recent success of shows like American Idol and the X Factor audiences now expect more than just a great voice. You must become a great singer and performer, this is important to you because when selecting your singing coach you want to make sure that this coach has performance experience.
The best singing lessons involve more than just improving your singing and stage presence. Great coaches will help you understand what it takes to maintain a healthy voice, what techniques you need to use to warm up, and how to take care of your voice after performances. Coaches will have the experience needed to prevent you from doing something that could harm your voice, your future career and your success.

Making the decision to take singing lessons can be an easy or hard discussion for you. Just remember that most great singers have had great coaches, and almost always when these individuals talk about how they became great, they respond by saying they could have never done it without their coach.

If you have the burning desire to become a singer. I hope I have influenced you to seek out singing lessons.

You can find a great voice coach at www.theperformerstudio.com

The Performer Studio’s mission statement is "to foster self-confidence and help transform singers into the great Performers they've always wanted to be. We offer one on one lessons and group classes for singing Performers of all ages and abilities.​”